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#586 Add second duct location/fraction ewilson, jwinkler ewilson task high
#1054 1-stage AC heating mode flow rate is 2x what it should be shorowit, jwinkler new bug high
#505 Dual-fuel heat pumps jwinkler new ewilson feature normal
#744 Ventilation Update ewilson, shorowit, jwinkler new task normal
#973 E+ Multispeed-Heating-Defrost-Bug jwinkler jwinkler task normal
#530 E+ SimulationControl and Sizing:Zone ewilson, jwinkler new ptabares task low
#554 HVAC fan flow rate options shorowit, jwinkler, cchriste new ewilson task low
#842 Var. speed AC,HP: add a simulation variable for CFM/ton (at max speed) shorowit, jwinkler new shorowit task low
#869 E+ Error: Cooling stuck off when: ducts in attic, 2 stage AC, nat. vent. shorowit, jwinkler new ewilson task low
#891 Ventilation Cooling Model in EnergyPlus cchriste, ewilson, jwinkler new feature low
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