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#1054 1-stage AC heating mode flow rate is 2x what it should be new bug high General
#405 Gas water heater wasted pilot light energy new jmaguire task normal Modeling - General
#890 Schedule Weekend/Weekday multipliers new task normal General
#936 Update to use v3 of the OpenEI URDB new ewilson task normal Modeling - General
#945 PTAC/PTHP for Multifamily ewilson feature normal Modeling - General
#975 Expose people schedule as an input new task normal General
#1002 Energy Multiplier for Baseboards new task normal Modeling - General
#1005 Update insulated sheathing retrofit costs shorowit task normal Costs
#1006 negative AERC for short analysis periods new shorowit bug normal Economics/Costs
#1023 Check/correct internal gains from in-unit DHW pipes new task normal Modeling - General
#1045 Improve central DHW recirculation pipe location inputs new task normal Interface - Options Input Screen
#142 More complex utility rate modeling - fuel escalation new ewilson feature low Economics/Costs
#352 Flexible Net Metering Rules new ewilson task low Economics/Costs
#554 HVAC fan flow rate options new ewilson task low Modeling - General
#559 Unmet Load Hours outside of Htg/Clg Seasons new task low Interface - Output Screen
#709 "auto" duct location order new task low Modeling - General
#834 Add simulation variables for sensible and latent fractions new task low General
#842 Var. speed AC,HP: add a simulation variable for CFM/ton (at max speed) new shorowit task low Modeling - General
#844 Add furnace draft fan energy use new task low Modeling - General
#850 Pool heater has negative energy use during some hours new task low General
#866 Disable spot exhaust during vacations new task low General
#869 E+ Error: Cooling stuck off when: ducts in attic, 2 stage AC, nat. vent. new ewilson task low Modeling - General
#1003 Space Heaters new feature low Modeling - New Category
#1030 Use spiky profile for DHW dist gains new task low Modeling - General
#1053 Update room AC specification to use CEER instead of EER? new feature lowest General
#1055 Gas prices that vary monthly new feature lowest General
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