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Update to use v3 of the OpenEI URDB

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This is necessary if we want to use tariffs added or modified since July 2014. There were quite a few new/modified tariffs in July-September 2014.

Version 3 API JSON schema changes

The JSON schema used for API call responses has been changed to accommodate the new features listed above:

  1. The fields involving energyratestructure, demandratestructure, and flatdemandstructure (e.g., "energyratestructure/period1/tier1max”) were converted from strings to hierarchical structures.
  2. Added ability to have different units for each energy rate tier max bound, to enable tiers within tiers (e.g.:
  3. Added new demand rate structure (“coincidentratestructure”) for coincident demand charges.
  4. Added fields for monthly minimum charge and annual minimum charge (e.g. PG&E rates).
  5. Added “supersedes” which links a rate to historical versions of the same rate.
  6. Added a field (“approved”) for whether or not the rate has been reviewed by the QA/QC team.
  7. The length 288 strings (12 months times 24 hours) for fields such as “energyweekdayschedule” became 12x24 arrays.
  8. demandratchetpercentage has changed from a decimal to an array of 12 decimals (one per month)
  9. demandattrs, energyattrs, and fixedattrs - contain arbitrary key/value pairs, to accommodate additional miscellaneous parameters.

Full documentation of the fields can be found here:

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